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Stunning stilt walkers for all occassions. from Traditional circus style to themed characters,these eye catching stilt walkers create an instant visual impact. We can also juggle, modell ballons and even ride very tall bikes on our stilts!

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Water Birds

Willow and Walt the water birds

Fire Birds Carnival stilt walkers

Carnival Stilt Walkers

Red White and Blue Stilt walkers

Stilt Cyclists

Patriotic Stilt Walkers

Great Britain Themed Stilts

Green Man & Mother Nature

Flower Themed Stilt Walkers

Green Man and Mother Nature

The Spring King and Flora on Stilts

Easter Themed

Floral Stilt walkers

Easter Stilt Walkers

Jolly Jester Stilt Walkers

Juggling Jesters on stilts

Stilt Walking Jesters

Stilt walking Jesters

Drummer on Stilts

Steam Punk stilt walkers

Steam punk stilt walkers

Musical contraption

Chefs on Stilts

Wild West stilt walkers

Cowboys on stilts

The Snow Queen Stiltwalker

Jack Frost & Snow Queen Stilt Walkers

Stilt Fairies

Jack Frost on Stilts

Stilt Walking Elves

Elf stiltwalkers

Christmas Stiltwalkers

Festive Elves on stilts

King and Queen of Hearts Stilt Walkers

Queen of Hearts stiltwalker

Wonderland Stiltwalkers

Mad Hatter on Stilts

Bugs on Stilts

Stiltwalking Bugs

Stilt Bugs

Insect stiltwalkers

Giraffe Stiltwalkers

Giraffes and zebras stiltwalkers

Zebra stiltwalkers

Lobster and Octapus on stilts

Lobster stiltwalker

Ocean Queen on stilts

Neptune & Queen stiltwalkers

Nautical stiltwalkers

Pirate Stiltwalkers

Easter Bunny Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalking White rabbits

Black and white Stiltwalkers

Black and white Stiltwalkers

More coming soon

Pink stiltwalkers

Corporate Stiltwalkers - company colours

Clown Stiltwalkers

Clown Stiltwalkers

Medieval Stiltwalkers

May King & Queen on stilts

Medieval Stiltwalkers

Medieval Stiltwalkers

Cornish Stilt Walkers

St Piran's Day stilt walkers

Ruby Port and Ricky Sheraz

Festive Cheer

Graphic Poi on Stilts

Graphic Poi on Stilts

Graphic Poi on Stilts

Christmas Crackers

Witch stilt walkers

Wizard Stiltwalkers

Pink carnival Stiltwalkers

Carnival Stiltwalkers

Devil Stiltwalkers

Devil and Angel Stilt walkers

venetian Stiltwalkers

masquerade Stiltwalkers

instant visual impact with graphic Poi. We can also juggle, modell ballons and even ride stilt bikes!

Juggling Stilt walkers

Butcher Stilt Walker

Wonderland stilt walkers

More coming soon

Juggling on Stilts

Ring Master/ Mistress

Floral Stilt walkers

Easter Stilt Walkers

Halloween Stilt Walkers

Halloween Stilt Walkers

Halloween Stilt Walkers

Halloween Stilt Walkers


Stilt Walking costumes

King and Queen of Hearts, Nave of Hearts, Mad Hatter, White Rabbits.

Easter Bunnies on stilts, Mr and Mrs Easter on Stilts, The Spring King and Flora the Queen

Juggling Jesters on Stilts. Pirate Stilt Walkers.

Carnival Fire Birds and Water Birds on Stilts. Pink carnival stilt walkers.

Stilt Walking Chefs and the Wild West stilt walkers.

Wizard ande Witch stiltwalkers. Bike riding Stilt walkers. Patriotic stilt walkers. Traditional circus stilt walkers.

The Snow Queen stilt walker, Jack frost and elves on stilts. Fairies on Stilts.

Uncle Sam on Stilts. Giant bugs on stilts, Giraffes and zebras on stilts

Steam Punk stilt walkers. Devils and angels on stilts. Venetian Stiltwalkers. Uncle Sam on Stilts, jugglers on stilts.

We can make special themed stilt costumes with a colour and theme to suit your brand.



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